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Translation Wire has been established as an autonomous and self-governing company providing translation services and translation software solutions.

We have brought out a broad set of opportunities for the customers aiming at worldwide markets and spreading the business operations to new languages. By using our software, clients, managers and translators experience a substantial increase in time-management and cost-effectiveness.

Translation Wire offers custom workflow configuration options to meet any business requirement. The process optimization reflects in reducing manual efforts related to project management, job tracking and retrieval. We simplified the processes turning them from those usually requiring hours into those performed through a single mouse click – revolutionizing the market in such a manner, by means of technology relying on innovative and remarkably creative approach to business requirement.

The company has hundreds of in-house and freelance translators and we are always looking for additions in this area. You can see our latest enterprises in the Projects page.

Translation Wire Workflow

is a management-oriented application, handling everything from user administration and workflow architecture to project creation (which involves adding the files, TMs and terminologies).

Translation Wire Server

is the main knowledge database, which stores and handles all of the translated material and allows reuse for future jobs.

Translation Wire Terminology

can be observed as glossary application that stores individual terms, where in translation process usage of those terms increases the quality of translation.

Translation Wire Studio

is the translator’s working station, with which he uses all the resources provided by other apps. These are CAT tool based applications with two aspects of usage. One is primarily concentrated on the translation process while the other one is review based.

Our translation process is unique! Through efficiency, consistency and quality that we provide, your success is guaranteed!
Our software supports over 30 types of document formats (Office, Adobe, HTML, etc.)

You get your documents in the format you've provided us, with the exact graphic view

Depending on your requirements, we can satisfy the need for any language

With our software the translation process starts NOW, without any time loss in document distribution

Translation process is simplified, which allows you to save both time and money

You can manage your translation

Expedite timelines with increased translation memory leverage, minimized manual project management, and shortened review cycles

Minimal training requirements